Getting into Private Eye by telling Rupert Murdoch to “fuck off”

Your Ginger Fuhrer has been amusing himself by telling The Sun and Rupert Murdoch to “fuck off”.

Simply for sport, there isn’t a huge political motive here.

It’s an easy enough thing, occasionally the odd tweet will get quoted in a national newspaper site, and you can check for this by typing your Twitter username into Google news.

So when this happens, if it’s The Sun or The Daily Mail, it’s your civic duty to be as annoying as possible and take the opportunity to bugger up their article by sticking a good “fuck off Murdoch/Paul Dacre” into the middle of it.

Like Rob did here:

You might wonder why the papers don’t use screengrabs.

Well, it’s a gamble init, use screengrabs and the publisher risks getting a bill for unlicensed images, use an embed and you risk someone being a bit of a dickhead like Rob here.

Gambling on people being dickheads is cheaper than getting a bill from an angry photographer.

Anyway, pleased to see this story has been picked up by the wonderful Private Eye who have this to say:

Thanks Private Eye.

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