This BBC Radio Leeds’ quiz about murderer Ian Brady is a bad taste gaffe of epic proportions

This is one of the oddest bits of radio you’re going hear all year.

BBC Radio Leeds presenter Nathan Turvey apparently decided to run a news quiz, you know the type: play some clips of songs and the listeners phone in and guess the theme.

But this time the theme is Moors Murderer Ian Brady.

Yes him. The man who killed five children and died this week, in jail, largely to the cheers of the public.

Here’s the clip – make sure you give it a listen

“And here are your musical clues”, chirps Turvey, “all linked to someone well known who has been in the news this week.”

Cue the music and the first one is All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople, “All the young dudes, carry the news…”

Followed by the Theme tune to The Brady Bunch, “That’s the way we became the Brady Bunch.”

Then if you hadn’t been clued-in yet, next is the still controversial track Suffer Little Children by The Smiths, “Over the moor, take me to the moor, dig a shallow grave and I’ll lay me down.”

And finally the not hugely subtle Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.

Then Turvey comes in with his smooth local radio patter, “There you are, four songs, all linked to someone who’s been in the news this week. All you’ve got to do is try and work out who it is.”

Extraordinary isn’t it?

The calm, jocular delivery of a man presumably ended his career in broadcasting.

Now we love a bit of bad taste at B3ta but we’re still incredulous how this happened

What was the guy thinking? Surely it’s career suicide to treat a subject matter so stomach churning-ly awful – on the BBC no less- with chirpy irreverence, unless the point is satire?

And there’s more – here’s where the listeners phone in with their guesses

“Let me remind you of the songs and they’re all linked to someone who’s been making headlines this week” Nathan continues.

“Then we played you this by The Smiths, it’s called Suffer Little Children and it’s all about the Moors Murders – may have given the game away with that one I think.”

“Well done, Ian Brady was the answer we were looking for.”

Then the jingle, “BBC Radio Leeds”

People’s reactions swing between amusement:

And horror:

Still, it’s reminded us that Brass Eye once did this Myra Hindley song in the style of Pulp – with the significant difference that was satire rather than someone losing the plot.

And of course the time The Metro described Ian Brady as “high-profile celebrity”

We’re genuinely fascinated to know what happens next in Turvey’s career – the BBC have apologised (of course) and currently Turvey is in (ho ho) radio silence on Twitter.

Thanks to Monkeon to alerting us to this story via our /links board.

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