Oops! Walkers Crisps tweet videos of murderers and sex offenders in a “fully-fledged social media disaster”

“This is not a drill. This is not a drill. Fully-fledged social media disaster currently underway on the Walkers Crisps feed” writes Buzzfeed journalist @Jimwaterson.

Amazing screw up from @walkers_crisps – they’ve allowed unmoderated photos into their official Twitter account and it’s now tweeting out videos of murderers & sex offenders.

Watch the videos!

Here’s the sex offender Rolf Harris video – saved for you in case they delete it:

And murderer Fred West one:

Enjoy the screen grabs!

Murderer Fred West, lovingly cradled in Gary Lineker’s arms!

Granny murderer Harold Shipman as held by BBC football commentator Gary Lineker!

Sex offender and kangaroo artist Rolf Harris, once again held by ex-footballer Gary Lineker!

Who’s that? It’s sex offender Sir Jimmy Savile, the photo thereof held by Gary Lineker (who once shat on the pitch)

And finally murderer Josef Fritzl. And who could that be holding him? Yep it’s Gary Lineker. Phew.

So how did this happen?

Well if you allow members of the public to upload their face and have that appear on the main Walkers twitter account – well you can guess the rest.


And let’s go over live to the internet for some reactions




Epic PR fuck ups is the shit we live for basically

As Elliot Reuben writes, “B3ta and a brand allowing unmoderated content? What is this? 2009? It’s like listening to a nostalgia pop radio station of the internet. Marvellous.”

“Couldn’t have happened to a better company revenge for making such shit crisps 😂” writes @Scotrean.

“2017 has peaked” writes @_johnnykelly.

UPDATE: Amazing. An anonymous B3ta reader has archived ALL the offending videos off to a Google drive – fill your boots. FILL YOUR BOOTS!

UPDATE2: And it’s been closed down. Boo! The fun is over!

So DOES Gary shag crisps?

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