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# True indeed.
Tomorrow we're all supposed to be commemorating the horrendous crime that 9/11 was. Hardly any attention will be paid to our own terrible crimes committed as a result of that day.
That may have been the point of butters' tally.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 16:41, archived)
# war is hell, no doubt
and I think its great to depict as fools those who perpetrate crimes in it. But I see no humor whatsoever in making light of non-participating victims. That's just how I see it.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 16:59, archived)
# The horror, The horror
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 17:46, archived)
# hahaha outstanding
get you a crate of beer for that one
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 17:57, archived)
# In that case
it logicaly follows from your own standards of humor/decency
that your Anne Wank picture was not funny and you were wrong
posting such a thing.
And please don't come up again with: i didn't know who she was.

I'm through with this thread now.

Edit: the "i love your work here" still stands...
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:00, archived)
# Had I known anything about her, I would not have photoshopped the image.
If you must insist that I did know, then you are pissing into the wind.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:13, archived)
# Of course you knew...
the image challenge you posted the picture for was called:
The Funny Side of War
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:18, archived)
# I said I have no problem spoofing perps of war
I did NOT know she was a victim, so you might as well give it up.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:31, archived)
# Clutching at straws now, are we?
Who did you think she was then?
A member of the Hitler Jugend?
(Or don't you know who he was either...)
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:36, archived)
# No, you fuckwad
I knew she was a Jew and had some vague but incorrect notion that she was working underground against the Nazis--not that she was was a prisoner who died in a death camp.

You are beginning to irritate me with your telling me what I knew and what I didn't. You are no fucking mind reader, so let's just drop this, OK?
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 19:53, archived)
# But now you do know
Would you agree that your picture goes against your principles? And that therefore you should remove it in order not to be (as you now know for sure, if not earlier) a complete hypocrite?
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 20:03, archived)
# It's done
So now let's all get back to joking about people falling to their deaths as if none of this thread happened--right? After all, even had I been the hypocrite people seem to be claiming, that does not justify these stupid 9/11 images.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 20:12, archived)
# Anne Frank: War Criminal
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:49, archived)
# Hahaha!
She was small, but she packed a punch.
(, Sat 10 Sep 2011, 18:58, archived)