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# i'm going to watch that now
well, in about an hour.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:07, archived)
# its a good laugh, with lots of inventive deaths and one liners
i LOLed on the simulator bit with the sleeping bags
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:12, archived)
# we LOVE pre-marital sex!
the liquid nitrogen face-smash was the most inventive death i've seen in a film for a long time.
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:14, archived)
# you made me want to search for that moment, just to enjoy it again
and yeah, the face smash was brilliant
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:15, archived)
# still no youtube
but i'll be watching it later anyway
(, Sun 2 Oct 2011, 22:19, archived)