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[challenge entry] similar but different... charlie factory

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(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:14, archived)
# nice!
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:27, archived)
# he chops it up using a golden ticket you know.
and his little friend is an umpa lumpa, they're basically the same film.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:29, archived)
# you wan me to believe augustas galoop was a stoolie because sosa says so
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:35, archived)
# hey man ima jus sayin what i heard yeah
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:36, archived)
# i aint off no banana boat on a chocolate river.. ju go me confuse wit someone else
i a political rufugee
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:39, archived)
# ju know a little bit about coco?
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:41, archived)
Is this it? That's what it's all about, Manny? Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking? Snorting? Then what? You're 50.
You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra. They got hair on them. You got a liver, they got spots on it,
and you're eating this fuckin' shit, looking like these rich fucking mummies in here... Look at that. A junkie. I got a
fuckin' junkie for a wife. She don't eat nothing. Sleeps all day with them black shades on. Wakes up with a Quaalude,
and who won't fuck me 'cause she's in a coma. I can't even have a kid with her, Manny. Her womb is so polluted,
I can't even have a fuckin' little baby with her! But enough about me, how are you?
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:44, archived)
# my fav in the whole move
manny look at the pelican fly.. cmon pelican
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:53, archived)
# he REALLY wanted that pelican to fly.
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 10:57, archived)
[challenge entry]
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 12:52, archived)
# soup
With herbs, young fella :)
(, Tue 20 Sep 2016, 21:23, archived)
[challenge entry] say hello to my little friend
(, Wed 21 Sep 2016, 0:09, archived)