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[challenge entry] meanwhile

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(, Tue 13 Feb, 22:53, Reply)
[challenge entry] and finally...
(, Wed 14 Feb, 2:28, Reply)
this compo has made me feel wretched. trying to make people laugh shouldn't make you feel sad.
i daresay some people fit better than others into the b3ta fraternity and those people are quickly and volubly welcomed. i am obviously a very poor fit, so i'll just quietly bow out here.
thanks to jabber and the captain for being kind if they're around.
ta ta.
(, Wed 14 Feb, 20:33, Reply)
# The broken heart makes this even sadder :(

But b3ta has generally been shit these past years if you're looking for replies to images.
(, Wed 14 Feb, 20:52, Reply)
# It's just a shit compo, mate
Hard to get inspired for it. It's spacehoppers or gtfo.
(, Wed 14 Feb, 21:07, Reply)
# Aerobies are awesome
(, Wed 14 Feb, 20:48, Reply)