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# RIS like an eejit...
What does it say?

Forget the...?
(, Sun 15 Apr, 8:10, Reply)
# pee tape
(, Sun 15 Apr, 11:19, Reply)
on the other hand, he's so effective at co-opting a hapless media in the desubstantiation of his moral and ethical transgressions, he doesn't really need the distraction. post a few more pictures of trump taking the whore-piss-bucket challenge and we'll all be laughing the whole thing off again.
(, Sun 15 Apr, 13:57, Reply)
# Ah, gotcha.
My fault. Had me lookers on, not me readers.
(, Sun 15 Apr, 14:35, Reply)
I struggled too.

It seems even kids being gassed isn't enough to make people hesitate on jumping to a Trump joke.
(, Sun 15 Apr, 18:41, Reply)
# Thankfully. Else this wouldn't be B3ta.
(, Fri 20 Apr, 15:13, Reply)