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# I
was just having a look at how far fetched some of de vinci`s ideas were for the time....and I never realised just how far reaching his ideas were....

(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 8:15, archived)
# Ahhhh but he's a fool
It has a flaw - just wide enough to get a single thingy ma bob to start a chain doodah and destroy the whoosy what not

Wand Yay to the mutha funking Houpla
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 8:23, archived)
# Should be easy enough to fix
with a roll of chickenwire.

And woo to the pic.
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 9:18, archived)
# woo!
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 8:25, archived)
# I loikes that very maaaarch
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 8:36, archived)
# love
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 8:51, archived)
# Hee hee
gaylord :D
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 9:29, archived)
# And on
the sabbath day the lord did click on b3ta, for the lord was resting and in need of wooyay mindpiss. And the lord did decree that any that made him say fucksocks would be banished even unto the AOL, and there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, not to mention contacting of the helpdesk for it was fucked. And the lord did see a funny thing that made him laugh until his almighty pants were greatly stained, and great was his merriment even unto the third minute. And the Lord saw that it was good, and decreed blessings on this Tyrone who had caused him so much joy.
(, Sun 15 Jun 2003, 13:24, archived)