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[challenge entry] Whatever

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(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:06, archived)
I never understand why people put so much effort into whining about the image challenge. If the standard of the entries is so low, either make something better or go and do something else.

/not directed at Wobbly Bloke in particular, just something that annoys me.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:09, archived)
# In answer to your questions:
People whining about the image challenge: Because this is the norm when a new compo comes out

If the standard of the entries is so low, make something better: I just did - Up there ^

not directed at Wobbly Bloke: Your to kind and yes I love you as well

Just something that annoys me: Sorry
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:18, archived)
# Fair enough.
To your first point, though: why do something because it's "the norm"?

I got an image challenge suggestion picked once. It was spoonerisms, and there was a lot of popular support for it from many regulars on /board. As soon as it was picked, people started complaining about what a shit compo it was.

Yes, it's the norm. I think I complained about the "pylons" challenge when it was announced, but it turned out to be brilliant. I just say give it a chance, think of a good idea, do it, and wait for the good posts to turn up on the popular page.
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:24, archived)
# nah, the pylons really was shit
this one will be ok
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:30, archived)
# ok
1. You looking at b3ta is the norm - posting images is the norm - looking and laughing at other images is the norm - being sarcastic about the image challenge is the norm - B3TA IS THE NORM

2. I liked the Spoonerisms one and yes it did get slagged of because that is what we do on b3ta

3. The Pylons one was the best and where I did my best work but this also became the norm - with one bent Pylon being used on a lot of the images.
(, Thu 3 Jul 2008, 7:36, archived)
# it's our national right to complain
being british and all

so don't complain about complainers!
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:32, archived)
# I wish you'd stop
complaining about people complaining about the complainers

(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:43, archived)
# Where can I register a complaint about this post?
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:45, archived)
# Here
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:48, archived)
# "Dear Mr DeAgostini:..."
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:50, archived)
# ha ha ha
(, Wed 2 Jul 2008, 20:58, archived)