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This is a challenge DUP cinema (This challenge is now closed)

dup cinema

We're off to the cinema with the Tories best friends the DUP this week, show us what films they watch and what films they censor. Probably stuff about the gays, the abortions and the billion pound bribes.

(, Thu 20 Jul 2017, 9:16)
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# It's an older image sir, but it checks out...

(, Thu 27 Jul, 6:17, More)
# Not the easiest challenge this week, is it?

(, Mon 24 Jul, 22:02, More)
# Does the TV adaptation count?

(, Mon 24 Jul, 18:21, More)
# more filth

(, Mon 24 Jul, 12:02, More)
# ...and you will agree to ALL my demands, won't you.

(, Sun 23 Jul, 14:13, More)
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