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This is a challenge Politicize Kids Books (This challenge is now closed)

politicize kids books

Politics is really dull to kids, which is a shame as they're the ones who'll suffer the most from it. So help them understand how the world works fights by politicizing their books. Push Winnie the Pooh to the left or the right and get the Famous Five to sort out Trump

(, Thu 13 Jul 2017, 8:52)
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# Late for the compo, also fuck posting from phones.
(, Thu 20 Jul, 10:06, More)
# A children's guide to the robot revolution.

(, Wed 19 Jul, 14:49, More)
# First he took the rats... then he came for the children.

Surely, this one can't get me into trouble.
(, Wed 19 Jul, 11:14, More)
# Splat (edited) due to cease and desist.

Je suis S4RK, c'est la vie :( non.
(, Wed 19 Jul, 10:24, More)
# Very good
On a similar seam...

(, Wed 19 Jul, 10:05, More)
# Ning!

(, Wed 19 Jul, 9:52, More)
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