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This is a challenge National Suicide Week (This challenge is now closed)

national suicide week

It's National Suicide Week! Create material to push people over the edge and post it on the board.

(Fri 12 Dec 2003, 12:32)
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# If you can't beat 'em ...

(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 1:38, More)

(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 1:03, More)
# First post for Comp
The last nail was always going to be difficult.
Need to be assisted suicide.
I am so going to hell for this.

(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 0:39, More)
# Poor little sod, he just couldn't take it any more....

Part 1 of Animal Suicides
(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 0:30, More)
# Old repost

For the contest. Gee, I have a lot of these suicide things.
(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 0:15, More)
# Here's a scary thought...

(, Sat 13 Dec 2003, 0:12, More)

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:49, More)
# Ironic

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:40, More)
# Gee, Beav, you really did it this time.
1. Hey Wally! Watch this!

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:25, More)
# I don't know what happened...

He Just Quacked...

awaits groans and opposable thumb arguments...
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:21, More)
# Some of you may need to ask your parents about this.

EDIT: Now with added compo-entry-ness.
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:11, More)
# If only just one b3tan hadn't run away screaming

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 23:00, More)
# First post really hope this works.

I don't know but feel suicidal every time I see one.
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 22:43, More)

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 22:34, More)
# Seems a slow way to go

Maybe I should have made the bridge closer.
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 22:03, More)
# M1285
A Blinded, Randomized, Comparative Study of Racecadotril to Loperamide on Stopping of Acute Diarrhoea in Adults.
Hwang-Huei Wang, Ming-Jium Shieh, Taichung, Taiwan; Taipei, Taiwan

Background and Objective: Raceadotril (Hidrasec ) is a novel anti-diarrhoeal agent that inhibits enkephalinase thus preventing endogenous enkephalin-degradation. Raceadotril displays anti-diarrhoeal activity via a purely secretary mechanism. The main objective of this study is to compare the efficacy (primary objective -duration of diarrhoea), safety and tolerability of Raceadotril versus Loperamide in the treatment of acute diarrhoea in adults.

Patients and Methods: This is a single-blind, two-centre, randomized, comparative, parallel group study. Sixty-two adult patients with acute diarrhoea of not more than five days' duration were recruited. The patients were randomized to receive either Raceadotril at 100mg tid p.o. or Loperamide 2.0mg bid p.o. The medications were continued until recovery
(defined as 12 hours with no stools or 2 consecutive normal stools) or for a maximum of 7 days.

Results: The mean duration of diarrhoea in the Raceadotril group (n=31) was 19.5 hours and 13 hours for the Loperamide group (n=31) based on ITT population (p=0.23). And 19 hours in the Raceadotril group (n=23) compared to Please help me... Is there anybody out there? My job is utter shite. I'm dying inside. I am a dead man. Does anyone out there care? 13 hours for the Loperamide group (n=25) based on PP analysis (p=0.37). The differences between the two groups in terms of the duration of abdominal pain (p=0.95, ITT and p=0.71, PP) abd abdominal distension (p=0.56, ITT and p=0.52, PP) were not significant. The rate of success in clinical response, defined as complete resolution of all signs and symptoms with no additional treatment required, were high in both groups, 87.1% (ITT) and 95.6% (PP) in the Raceadotril group and 87.1% (ITT) and 92% (PP) in the Loperamide group. there were 15 (24%) patients who experienced at least one adverse event during the study: 8 (25%) in the Raceadotril group and 7 (22%) in the Loperamide group. The most common adverse events were: constipation, bloody stools and itching. Although there was no significant difference between the two groups in terms of constipation, the occurence of constipation in the Raceadotril group (12.9%, 4/31) was less than half (29%, 9/31) that of the Loperamide group.

Conclusion: Both Raceadotril and Loperamide are as effective in resolving signs and symptoms and duration of diarrhoea in adults. Both treatments achieved high clinical success rates with similar safety profile while lower number of constipation in Raceadotril group was observed.

Kill me now. Please. I want to die.....
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 22:02, More)
# Pass me those razor blades please

(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 21:51, More)
# Depressing Statistics . . .

click for full story
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 21:42, More)
# Having realised someone had stolen his lunchbox there was only one option left open to poor Svenno

He loved that lunchbox
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 21:30, More)
# the cruel cruel world was too much for her to take.

quite rough, sorry.
(, Fri 12 Dec 2003, 21:06, More)
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