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This is a normal post Fuck Unions
It's not 1960 anymore - people have rights, health and safety and equality is legally enforced, you can't arbitrarily fire people, threaten as an employer why are the Unions still allowed to do that!?

They are populated by some very unpleasant bullies who quite literally prevent people doing their work efficiently and speedily, because it would raise their employers expectations.

I get that they needed to exist at some point, but now? They are havens for horrible jobsworths who like the sound of their own bleating.
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 15:21, Reply)
This is a normal post But...but...

(Vote Sexy Theresa on June 8th)
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 15:59, Reply)
This is a normal post Without unions who the hell is going to tell us who should close the doors on a train?

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:15, Reply)
This is a normal post As someone who was literally prevented from boarding a train for about 30 seconds
by a conductor standing in an open door, because "the whistle has already been blown", and who subsequently diagnosed said conductor's condition with great accuracy, I believe I am qualified for this task.
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:39, Reply)
This is a normal post is your sexual attraction towards her related to her powerful, dominant position do you think?

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:42, Reply)
This is a normal post
Not entirely.
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:46, Reply)
This is a normal post Did you want to fuck her before she became PM?

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:51, Reply)
This is a normal post That is the sort of crude question I would expect from your class of person.

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:59, Reply)
This is a normal post did you harbour similar feelings for Mrs Thatcher?

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 17:03, Reply)
This is a normal post I never really agreed with Mitterand about her having "the mouth of Marilyn Monroe"

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 17:31, Reply)
This is a normal post Francois Mitterand
do you have the heater on?
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 17:35, Reply)
This is a normal post It had been dead for 20 years?

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 21:52, Reply)
This is a normal post You just KNOW that she's got a Chief Judge Hershey costume hidden away from when she was Home Secretary.

(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 21:39, Reply)
This is a normal post yeah it's an interesting point
my brother in law had to wait months for his union to quibble with his employer about how much their pay rises and bonuses should be, they were .25% apart from reaching agreement and all the while he could have really really used the money in the meantime, it just seemed so pointless
(, Fri 21 Apr 2017, 16:24, Reply)