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This is a normal post Roflcopter
I left my tent behind in a mountain marathon. I had to empty my rucksack at registration to prove I had the minimum required gear and managed to leave it in the marquee.
I did not make the checkpoint in time to be allowed to continue through the night. Given how wet my bag was when I woke up, I was very glad I'd put most of my clothes in a plakky bag when I conked out. After a few hours of shivering and cramp I abandoned the sleeping bag as it weighed more than me.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 21:47, Reply)
This is a normal post When did you realise you'd left your tent in the marquee?
Those moments are comedy perfection. The expectation, the disbelief, the realisation, the reassessment. The human experience in 5 seconds.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 22:05, Reply)
This is a normal post when I stopped at the control point in the middle of the night
I'd been so pleased at how light my rucksack felt. I've actually had several worse nights but the cold combined with muscle soreness and wet lead to massive fucking cramps. That did my head in.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 22:16, Reply)
This is a normal post "I'd been so pleased at how light my rucksack felt"
Made me laugh. You wont make that mistake again...
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 22:41, Reply)
This is a normal post Yes. Yes, I will
And this is far from the worst mistake I've made involving uncomfortable nights out. A standout was a forced mountain bivouac on an alpine ledge. The guide was cool as fuck. But do not spend eight hours freezing your bollocks off with a german doctor. Or a very young ACFC spreading out his tent in a lovely Scottish field close to a stream - when the midges rose from the long grass like the lord's vengeance.
And don't get me started on my poor decision making skills regarding sleeping with women. The torture never stops.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 22:49, Reply)