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This is a link post Shed of the year 2017 open for entries
We are officially allowing sheds from abroad this year - but it's the UK sheds that get on the telly.

I have been doing this #shedoftheyear thing since 2007 - massive thanks to b3tans for all their support/sarky comments over the years.

You have until May 15th to add your shed

You can add your shed over at

PS reply Two sheds jackson as I have never heard that before
PPS We welcome all sorts of sheds - the previous winners are here
(, Thu 20 Apr 2017, 14:10, Reply)
This is a normal post finally!
I generally refer to Arthur Two-Sheds Jackson but it's a bit early to get too excited as of yet.
(, Thu 20 Apr 2017, 14:44, Reply)
This is a normal post The years are passing quicker and quicker :(
Although I guess 2016 was shite enough that my brain's managed to eliminate 90% of it.
(, Thu 20 Apr 2017, 15:09, Reply)
This is a normal post
(, Thu 20 Apr 2017, 20:41, Reply)