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This is a question Crazy Relatives

curvylittlegoth writes, "My Grandma is crazy, crazy mad. As well as regularly putting curses on us all, she once fell asleep in the armchair on a sunny afternoon, Barley Wine in one hand, Peter Stuyveson in the other, only to wake up several hours later to a Darth Vader sounding fireman. She thought she was in HELL as the smoke and flames billowed round her..."

Are any of your relatives this loopy?

(, Thu 5 Jul 2007, 15:59)
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My uncle Sid...
..was an engineer at Fords so he knew his way round a car. One day, however, his beloved VW camper van finally gave up its last ghost. Try as he might, he couldn't get it going. He called his brother to see if he could help (he was also a mechanic) but even with the two of them on the case there was no joy. After discussing the possibilities for a couple of hours (over many, many cold beers), Sid and his brother agreed that the van was properly dead. At this point they decided, with the ineffable wisdom of the truly hammered, that since it was dead, a proper Christian burial was in order.

They rolled the van into the garage and, over that afternoon and the next day, dug a huge pit in the back garden of Sid's house, complete with a slope at one end. When it was deep enough, they rolled the van into it, put the windows through, filled it with dirt and buried it - carefully replacing the turf afterwards. My Auntie ended up with the biggest rockeries and flowerbeds in Dagenham. As far as we know it's still there now (Sid and Margaret have both long since passed on, sadly). Whoever lives there now has no idea what's lurking a foot below the lawn, but heaven help whoever decides to build an extension on the back. And as for what the archaeologists of the future will make of it...
(, Mon 9 Jul 2007, 15:36, closed)

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