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This is a question Office Christmas Parties

My office this year is having Christmas lunch. In the office. On some desks we are going to clear the monitors off. The computers underneath will keep running as we are behind on some deadlines and need to keep rendering.

OK, so some people aren't getting anything, but how Scrooge-like are your bosses when it comes to Christmas?

(, Thu 16 Dec 2004, 14:42)
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Alcohol awareness
Our rather tight-arsed health-freak teetotaller of an HR manager has booked us all on an Alcohol Awareness seminar this morning. An hour of someone telling us the effects of alcohol, I mean, what's the point?

Our rather decent down-to-earth Operations manager has declared this afternoon free for Christmas drinks, which he won't buy but he'll pay us to drink them (works for me). So as long as we can still answer the occasional phone call with a relatively sensible answer, we can drink to our hearts content.

So to sum up: lecture on alcohol drinking (theory) in the morning, followed by the practical session in the afternoon.

Not a party, but almost as good as :o)
(, Thu 23 Dec 2004, 10:33, closed)

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