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(, Sun 1 Apr 2001, 1:00)
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fair do's
but as a rule of thumb, if it's an offence on one it's an offece on the other and most of the highway code applies.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:04, Reply)
The point I think I was getting at all along
Is that I have a driving license and if I break the law whilst driving I must accept the consequences of points.

If I break those laws whilst cycling, I don't have to produce my license because I don't need a license to ride a bike - nul points.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:10, Reply)
well, yes
you can't loose what you don't have. but a lot of people seem to think this means that cyclists are immune from the law and aso don't belong on the roads, neitherof which is true.

looking back the ony thhing I've been wrong on is the speed limit, but i may have missed the point, in which case sorry.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:14, Reply)
I failed my cycling proficiency test in junior school
But they didn't stop me from riding a bike.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:15, Reply)
This has nothing to do with anything
I never even took one.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:16, Reply)
That, CQ, is his point.

(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:18, Reply)
I didn't indicate at a junction on a bike
I was dragged before the beak, given a dressing down, fined and then banned from riding a bike for 20 minutes.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:17, Reply)
We don't have the problem with cyclists up here too much
And it's been a while since I lived on Maple Road as you'll remember, but there were a lot of cycling cunts in South London even then.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:17, Reply)
Someone I know got quadraspazzed by a drunk cyclist.

(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:18, Reply)
sadly most of them are cunts too. i'd like to se mandatory training or at least better enforcement of existing laws.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:25, Reply)
Like I say - ain't a problem in the beautiful civilised North.

(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:31, Reply)
you may, with the greatest possible respect, keep it.

(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:32, Reply)
I'm not just going to keep it
I'm going to cherish it forever. Tried your life and hated it.
(, Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:35, Reply)

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