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This is a question Running away

Two friends ran away from boarding school. They didn't get too far though - they forgot to check when the last train ran. A teacher found them sitting waiting and drove them back again.

That said, it's not just a thing kids do - the urge to just run is built into all of us. Tell us about the times you've given in and run.

(, Fri 11 Aug 2006, 13:03)
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Travel teh UK
After rowing with my mum and step dad for another night about being stuck on t'internet alllll night and about how dangerous and life ruining sites like b3ta are, I decided that I was going to run away forever.

Being only 16, and somewhat naive, I grabbed a suitcase from the loft and began sifting through my crap to pack the essential "running away" kit. Mainly my PC base unit, a keyboard, mouse, some speakers, my 56k modem and a 14" monitor wrapped in several black bags. I thought it best to also pack some clothes just in case, so shoved a few pairs of underwear and t-shirts in another black bag.

Armed with my PC and a few spare clothes, I nicked 100 out of my step dads wallet, wrote a leaving note, and rested until the first train at 7am. I stupidly fell asleep on the sofa waiting (as this was about 1am), and mum had got up, read my note I'd left, thought I'd gone and come back, so left me to sleep on the sofa. Bah!

I duely got up a few hours later whilst everyone was still asleep, called a taxi, and went to Birmingham New Street to pick a train. Any train.

I ended up in Basingstoke, trying to find someone I knew from teh good old IRC chat rooms.

That didnt work out, so I decided to carry on travelling armed with my PC under one arm and a bag of clothes under the other, and ended up living with mates online for various lengths of time from:

- Basingstoke
- Bromley
- Falkirk
- Redditch
- Birmingham
- Dundee
- Falkirk (and declared myself homeless, woo yay!)
- Newcastle
- Liverpool
- Canterbury
- Maidstone

...finally moving back home to Redditch, nearly 18 months later.

That was nearly 4 years ago now... owww.

Bah, if only I could do it all again, it was all such good times. Plus it might be a bit easier having a laptop now... hmmm...
(, Wed 16 Aug 2006, 18:05, closed)

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