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This is a question Money-saving tips

I'm broke, you're broke, we're all broke. Even the smug guy on the balcony with the croissant hasn't got two AmEx gold cards to rub together these days. Tell everybody your schemes to save cash.

(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 18:09)
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Put some of your money in a savings account.
Repeat at regular intervals.

Warning: May not be suitable for Greeks or Italians.
(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 19:44, closed)
or even put money into a cash ISA
save regularly over a period of a couple of years ... then have a passing conversation at the counter one day and find your lovely local BankCorps plc cut the annual interest rate to 0.25% around 18 months previously
(, Thu 10 Nov 2011, 23:28, closed)
That's not quite the point though
By saving the money every month, you've not been spending it.

I'm in a SAYE scheme at work. I can buy shares in my company at 50p each. However, the share price has dropped since then, and I could actually buy them on the open market for 25p. However, I've been saving up 50 a month for the last 3 years - money that I would probably have hosed up the wall otherwise. At the end of the period I can opt to just take the money - plus a reasonable amount of interest.
(, Fri 11 Nov 2011, 9:41, closed)
You'd be amazed at how many people haven't figured this 1 out.

(, Fri 11 Nov 2011, 0:08, closed)
Now I have to explain to the Greek girl at work why I had an officelol at that
(, Mon 14 Nov 2011, 16:44, closed)

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