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This is a question Shoplifting

When I was young and impressionable and on holiday in France, I followed some friends into a sweet shop and we each stole something. I was so mortified by this, I returned them.

My lack of French hampered this somewhat - they had no idea why the small English boy wanted to add some chews to the open box, and saw it as an attempt by a nasty foreigner oik to contaminate their stock. Not my best day.

What have you lifted?

(, Thu 10 Jan 2008, 11:13)
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Technical theft (I think)
Mrs splurgle and I have gotten the urge to go green and grow our own veggies on an allotment. We went online and ordered a 600 greenhouse from a major UK supermarket (not sainsburys but the other big one), the item promptly arrived, not from the supermarket itself but direct from the manufacturer. It stayed in our garage for a couple of weeks before I summoned up courage to have a go at building it in our garden. Unfortunately, the space I had cleared to erect the greenhouse wasn't quite big enough so we had to call the supermarket people to get a refund. Amazingly they took no heed of my admitted stupidity (buying something too big for the hole it was meant to fit) and gave me a full refund and told me someone would be around to pick up the offending article. This was 3 months ago and I have seen the 600 go back into my account yet the greenhouse remains uncollected. Even more amazingly, we ordered a smaller greenhouse from a different website, and when it arrived it turned out to be the same people who had supplied the last one! I suspect we will hang on to the first one until the heat dies down and then sell it on ebay for a tidy profit

(, Thu 10 Jan 2008, 12:59, closed)
A couple of years ago my parents bought my daughter a bike for Christmas -- but Argos delivered two. So they kept the second one, waiting for someone to claim it. They still haven't. I keep trying to convince my parents to flog it on eBay, but they're hanging on to it, just in case...
(, Thu 10 Jan 2008, 13:16, closed)
A relative of mine bought her son a new x-box 360 this christmas, they collected it from the little desk in it's 'outer packaging', wrapped it up and thought no more.

Christmas morning & the son tears into the paper - big manilla box. Opens that, 2x X-boxes in glossy display boxes. Haven't seen much of them but presume they kept it for the other son.

I wonder how many other freebies the dickhead Argos monkeys gave away through their ignorance? No wonder they ran out of stock!
(, Thu 10 Jan 2008, 15:31, closed)

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