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This is a question Being told off as an adult

When was the last time you were properly told off? You know: treated as an errant child rather than the sophisticated adult you are.

The sort of thing that dredges up an involuntary teenage mumble of "Sorry, Miss" whilst you stare at the ground.

Go on, tell us what childish thing you were up to when you got caught.

Oh, and can we have more than one-line answers this time? Cheers!

(, Thu 20 Sep 2007, 17:18)
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copycat violence
My first job after university was in a photocopying shop, or 'reprographics centre' as they styled themselves. One of the most tedious parts of the job was people walking in off the street to copy a passport or certificate or bill.

One day, this horsey toff came into the shop. She had a face that looked like the bottom of a dried-up pond. With make-up thrown at it. And she was so posh that she probably only ever met proles like me if they were in uniform.

She wanted a document copied. It looked like the Magna Carta, but with a staple in the top left corner. So I gentlty folded it over to put it in the machine... whereupon the old bitch snatched it from me with a "Oh, you're a stupid boy, aren't you?" and ripped the staple out herself.

I'd just graduated with a first and wasn't in any mood to be lectured by some polo-playing slag, so I crashed my elbow into her throat and raised my knee into her face as she fell. As she lay gasping on the floor, I put the boot in until the gasps stopped. Then I lifted the copier with superhuman strength and dropped it on her twitching body.

"That'll be ten pence, please," I said to the legs sticking out from underneath.

{Part of this story may not be factually acurate, but I think you can see the sentiment is still raw.]
(, Wed 26 Sep 2007, 10:09, closed)

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