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bogging, I bet you like the orange revels as well you freak.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 14:41, archived)
Orange is the best flavour for everything

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 14:46, archived)
It's not the best flavour for crisps.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 14:49, archived)
Have you tried orange crips? I expect they're lovely, had some lime and chilli ones which were pretty nice.

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 14:50, archived)
No, but I have tried chilli and chocolate crisps and they were vile, even though chilli chocolate is delish.
I can see lime and chilli working as a combination.
(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 15:07, archived)
I make an absolutely banging lime and chilli sauce.
They're both major ingredients in Jerk chicken etc.
(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 15:10, archived)
^ loves to jerk his meat

(, Mon 17 Jul 2017, 15:18, archived)