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I've turned into a bit of a fat chunk of late.
Didn't go to the gym once in January, which I could disingenuously blame on being in and out of hospital and rehab but I went to the gym yesterday and worked out with one hand (fnarr) and it was fine.

I've also been eating like a dustbin since Christmas, so that hasn't helped.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:10, archived)
I've found a good way to lose weight
is to get really ill and stop eating. I'm down 2kg this week.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:28, archived)
Have you had a professional medical opinion on how long this is likely to last?

(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:35, archived)
nah, it's just a combination of seasonal viruses
the trouble is the kid, which acts as a disease vector and brings home every fucking cold and flu from the nursery, and then infects me
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:41, archived)
So as soon as you get over one bug, the kid brings home a new one?
Sounds like a barrel of laughs alright.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:49, archived)
yeah, and this time around she got three at once
hence the emergency treatment.
(, Mon 5 Feb 2018, 8:50, archived)