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Lemurs are now a serious risk to our national security.

(Mon 14th Sep 2015, 21:49, More)

A square of fluff and some horns for a Saturday evening of, erm, fluff and horns.

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(Sat 2nd Feb 2013, 18:05, More)

Something silly from my aquarium trip yesterday.

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(Sun 15th Jan 2012, 11:58, More)

The secret to a happy robot...
... is teaching them the right button to press.

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(Sun 13th Feb 2011, 0:16, More)

No reason.

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(Tue 19th Oct 2010, 0:19, More)

Not the most sophisticated lyricist...

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(Thu 14th Oct 2010, 0:39, More)

It's important to be true to yourself.

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(Fri 8th Oct 2010, 22:48, More)

How to make a pom pom.

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(Sat 10th Jul 2010, 21:47, More)

Internet shock!

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(Sun 8th Feb 2009, 16:16, More)

The Leatherclad Girafflapper

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(Fri 23rd May 2008, 17:07, More)

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» Worst Record Ever

'stand by your man' by tammy wynette
years ago i did some research involving lots of people listening to four songs, one of which was 'stand by your man'... i ran the experiments and spent weeks listening to it over and over again...
as well as being an irritatingly insipid country tune the lyrics are appalling, anti-feminist, sappy nonsense...
it was horrible...
what makes it worse is that all the words seeped into my brain and i still have problems avoiding singing along if it's played in my presence...
this is a very very bad thing...
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 1:33, More)