51 things that make people go “no” when they see your profile pic

Profile pics on social media are how we project ourselves into the world, but we also silently judge others other quite trivial things.

Figured it would be interesting to do a bit of an anonymous survey on what are you “profile picture no nos”

We got about 350 replies and here’s 51 of the best.

1. A “Make America Great Again” hat

2. A car. Jeez.

3. A flag, a percentage, a crusader, something something something AND PROUD

4. A photo that’s been posed in a studio photo shoot, the worst kind is a woman lying on her front, chin on hands, feet visible in the background. Gah

5. A picture of your child

6. A professionally taken picture or caricature

7. Anime girls. No. You’re a bloke and you probably support GamerGate

8. Anonymous/ V mask

9. Any “wellness” shit meme

10. any face contortion in attempt to look sexy

11. Any hint that the photo is over 5 years old. This makes me think they’ve aged badly in recent years, or haven’t done anything interesting and photo-worthy since it was taken

12. Any middle-aged man sitting at a desk, looking like he’s taken the pic on a porn-break

13. Any selfie, particularly pouty or posing ones taken from high angles or in mirrors

14. Any temporary picture showing “solidarity” with a place they’ve never visited

15. Anyone who sticks their finger up / flicks the V at you in a photo, I mentally chuck into the “fuckwit” category, without a moments hesitation

16. Anything done professionally. Fuck off you twats

17. Anything military

18. Automatically hate anyone using that stupid dog filter

19. Babies. You’ve only accomplished what literally every organism on the planet is striving for. Have a fucking medal

20. Bare chest (men). Duck face (women)

21. Cars as profile pictures

22. Chest hair on display with men. What are you trying to prove? You sad wankers

23. Eggs

24. Face tattoo

25. Failed attempts to make the photo look spontaneous or unplanned

26. Fucking pet pictures in profile pics. Especially with cunts holding said pet.

27. Gratuitous pic with gf in a bikini

28. Grown adults who use characters from children’s films, particularly Disney stuff. Blocked on sight, no matter what they have to say

29. Having a cocktail by the seaside are you? Fack orf.

30. Looking like a tory

31. Looking like a vegan

32. Middle-aged people using Snapchat filters

33. Minions. Fucking minions

34. Nationalist symbolism; flags, poorly drawn graphics in paint etc

35. Non-ironic duck face from people older than me

36. Not their actual face

37. Pepe the frog

38. Picture of footballer/football club badge

39. Picture of the person in full leathers and helmet, riding a motorcycle, on a track day, going around a corner so the bike’s leant over a bit, so the rider looks “brave”. Guaranteed twat

40. Pictures of people having fun years ago and you’ve had loads of fun with them since and loads of pictures done but they keep that one up and don’t even talk to 5 of the people in it anymore, including themselves

41. Pictures of pets I’m jealous I don’t own

42. Pouting

43. Professional suit-wearing headshots. You can guarantee that the content of their feed is going to be corporate BS

44. Smoking

45. Snapchat filters and mirror selfies

46. Sunglasses indoors

47. The latest “do this arbitrary thing to your profile pic to somehow in some vague unspecified way raise awareness for an arbitrary cause”

48. Trying to look like a “hitman” in a cheap Burton’s menswear suit

49. UKIP purple

50. Wedding pics

51. White men with moustaches. Every other ethnicity does them without managing to look like a paedophile.

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