British street signs that have been fantastically improved by vandals removing or adding letters

Your B3ta editor Rob writes…

I was off to the cinema the other night and walked past a local street sign in North London that once again had been vandalised to turn “Raveley Street” into “Rave Street” so I took a snap and tweeted it:

What I didn’t expect was that a load of people would reply with photos of similar comedy desecrations in their areas.

It’s like a folk resistance to boring names – a small bit of British anarchy asserting our right to be puerile – here’s the 12 best examples so far.

1. Apse Heath

2. Dogpool Lane

3. Atherstone Mews

4. Prentis Road

5. Clint Lane

6. Essex Drive

7. Wellingborough

8. Bellenden Road

9. Corn Street

10. Shilbottle

11. Canal Street

12. Bateman Street

Although there’s one way to deal with this kind of tomfoolery – don’t put enough space on the sign for any extra letters

If you have any more then add them to the thread on Twitter.

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