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Is it just us or does Linkedin’s new project Open19’s logo basically read as “penis”?

Also we’re excited to revive the Phallic Logo Award with this late but spectacular entry from Linkedin.

It’s admittedly controversial by being largely text but the judges have consulted the rulebook and it’s still valid.

We can’t quite believe that anyone let this through as their logo.

Surely it’s designers hating their jobs?

Surely it’s designers telling their bosses that they are cocks in the best possible way: by sticking it in the logo.

Look there’s people standing below it!

And more people!

B3ta salutes these fine trollish designers. You’re doing your civic duty.

If you want to know what the Open19 initiative is actually about then The Reg is your friend.

The Phallic Logo Award will be a big event this year: black-tie, TV coverage & celebs.

Make sure you don’t miss it and get your entries in via the usual channels.