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Your “Work Related Fuck-Ups”

Your answers to our “work related fuck-ups” question will improve any bad day.

We asked over on Twitter that “We want to hear about your work related fuck-ups” and the answers flooded in.

We’ve picked just a few of our favourites but really there’s so many more on the actual thread and we’re not even including the eye-popping Ketamine story as it’s multithread and you should just go and read it on Twitter.

But seriously – if you’re ever having a bad day at work, come back to this page and read how so many people have fucked up worse.

Glorious stuff – so much hilarious incompetence, and we’re picked just 16 and we could have picked so many more:

1. Pizza fuck-up

2. Autocorrect fuck-up

3. Jam fuck-up

4. Virus fuck-up

5. Music fuck-up

6. Stepladder fuck-up

7. Teaching fuck-up

8. Milkshake fuck-up

9. Catheter fuck-up

10. Smoking fuck-up

11. Reply fuck-up

12. Twitter fuck-up

13. Greenpeace fuck-up (from b3ta editor Rob)

14. Coffee fuck-up

15. Mushroom fuck-up

16. Sausage fuck-up

And finally – one more which had us going “well, did he?”

Thanks for everyone for taking part and thanks for being so wonderfully crap.

Top image by @happytoast