This Grenfell Tower / Austerity image is pretty on the nose but powerful with it

This from Dr.Dunno / Chris Barker is pretty strong stuff and we hesitated sticking it out but you know, it’s true, provocative and frankly fuck it, it should be on posters in front of parliament.

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Chris entered his image into our elections challenge and we caught up with Chris and asked him about his artwork:

When I first heard the news I didn’t think this story was going to effect me as much as it has.

The emotions I’ve felt as a result of this surprised me.

The lack of care taken for the most vulnerable in our society.

I can’t put it into words really. That’s why I did a picture.

And the way the right wing press are going to deal with it upsets me. The blame being shifted around.

It’s pretty obvious what caused this tragedy. I’m not going to blame a faulty fridge.

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