This hearse doing a corkscrew jump is the animated gif tribute to Roger Moore you were waiting to see

Barnesy from our boards has done us proud with this animated tribute to the great, late Roger Moore:

Roger Moore’s funeral


Based on the famous scene in The Man With A Golden Gun where Bond leaps over a river, accompanied by a terrible sound effect.

We caught up with Barnesy and congratulated him on his work:

“Thanks. Nice to get a good reception on a post – I hardly manage to get time for it these days, what with parenting and all. I don’t often get ideas any more either but this one needed doing when it popped into my head!

“I hesitated to put it on my own Facebook. Not sure why – maybe I thought the intended silly/tribute tone may be lost. I’m happy to see it on yours whatever.”

And there’s more

Fascinatingly we’ve learnt from this superb article that this “corkscrew” stunt was the first computer modelled stunt.

Yep, they had to film it for real as this was pre CGI, but used extensive computer modelling to make sure the shot was right first time. And no one died.

Anyway. Well done Barnesy for such a perfectly formed tribute.

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