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[challenge entry] ...
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 10:49, archived)
# LOL!
even though its in bad taste......... its funny as hell
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 10:52, archived)
# may you
rot in hell for that.
funny though.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 10:52, archived)
# excellent
that slightly crazed grin on tonys face really sums it all up.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 10:53, archived)
# very
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 10:55, archived)
# nice!
I always knew tony was evil.

not as evil as mr bennet though...
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 11:02, archived)
# top
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 11:03, archived)
# Did you know...?
All those times on Art Attack when it showed a close up of Neil Buchanan's hands they were STUNT HANDS. and the person doing the really big art attack? STUNT ARTIST.

i cried when i learnt that.

i learnt that the other week.

i'm still crying.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 11:11, archived)
# i found that out yesterday!
i felt dirty.
(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 11:12, archived)
# buchanan is a bad man
he buggered a heron ya know.

(, Mon 17 Jun 2002, 11:27, archived)
For some reason I don't find that funny. I guess it all depends on your sense of humor and considering I was in the Pentagon at the time of the attacks it hits a little too close to home. When the world can start laughing about what happened on September 11th there is a real problem.
(, Mon 24 Jun 2002, 12:36, archived)
You appear to be mistaken, we weren't laughing about September 11th, we were laughing at your mamma.

And yes, we all believe you were in the pentagon...
(, Tue 9 Jul 2002, 10:46, archived)