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[challenge entry] Hello.
Just off to do a gig which is nice.

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(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:21, archived)
# How do you know the gig is nice if you're not there yet?
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:21, archived)
# Because it's my band doing it.
So it will be.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:23, archived)
# Is your band called 'The Disappearing Spoon'?
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:26, archived)
# No
but there is something about it in my profile which I'm sure will interst you.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:36, archived)
# Is your band called blue haze because the camera for the publicity shots was bad in poor light?
Sorry about your friend....

I was hoping for an mp3 on the site though, I love live bands with good guitar.

I recently walked into a bar (ouch) near my place on the way home for a quick scoop and there was a band setting up. (a bunch of guys in their late 40s early 50s) I had no idea who they where or even that the pub had bands on but they where an amazing 4 piece guitar band, ended up sat there watching them all night, The place only had about 5 people in and I seemed to be the only person who applauded whenever they finished a song... They did a load of old quo songs, The best rendition of "Jessica" I have ever heard live (theme from top gear people!) And they where all really nice down to earth guys, they actually all came over and thanked me for staying!

I need to get out and see some more live music...

Put some mp3s up!
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:51, archived)
# We will soon.
We are going in the studio for a week soon. Our guitarist is pretty special. He just got over a heart attack and now he's better than ever. We're all pretty old and doing it for the fun although we did main support to Simple Minds last year at a festival. That was proper fun that was.
EDIT: Thanks. My friend died trying to save his brother from drowning, he just couldn't let go :( 17 and 22. He was my also my roadie with the band and my minder at comedy gigs as I do tend to upset hecklers. Hit me fucking hard that did.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:56, archived)
# That's so sad, A waste of 2 lives, but such an honourable and brave way to go.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 18:10, archived)
# He was an amazing bloke.
He had a young son too. He was a professional heavyweight wrestler of travelling stock but a proper decent bloke. I'm off now, we've got a couple of the Stranglers coming to see us tonight so best get there and set up early. Laters :)
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 18:15, archived)
# Have a good 'un.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 18:19, archived)
# I have done loads of gigs like that
My final ones were in a resteraunt on a sunday afternoon. Sometimes there were no customers in at all but I had to sing anyway for the staff in order to get paid (Free meal, all I could drink and £20 for a taxi). Great days.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 18:00, archived)
# ^ This
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:24, archived)
# That^
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:24, archived)
# < and the other >
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:59, archived)
# and that's magic
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:26, archived)
# ewww :P
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:27, archived)
# A gig, eh? Kick their collective arses, man.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:29, archived)
# Hope so.
Using the new light show tonight. We're doing a 2hr Pink Floyd set with motherfucking blue lasers!
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:34, archived)
# Get in there!
Have fun, Captain.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:41, archived)
# A gig of porn?
hahaha I meant gig as in amount of pornographic material downloaded to masturbate to not a gig as in a show lol
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:33, archived)
# Very good.
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:36, archived)
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 17:48, archived)
# Yay.... the reappearing spoon...!
(, Sat 26 Nov 2011, 19:26, archived)