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[challenge entry] Ultimate Spud

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(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 9:42, archived)
# Not only have you got the whole concept of the compo wrong
but you've shown us your true colours. Well done Invisible City, well done.
BTW - Don't take the above too seriously. I'm an Irish guy, who get's angry some times and likes potatoes and I sometimes look like Keano (according to English folk) Ya Bastard!
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 9:51, archived)
# Careful now
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:53, archived)
# I know nothing of the footballs
other than there is eleventy on each side
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:01, archived)
# When the spheroid of gas hits the web of nylon, that is known as a goal
at which point the referee picks two players from each side to battle each other to the death. This is repeated until only one man is left standing and that side is declared the winner.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:12, archived)
# I like that
Does it involve Klaxxons? and big foam fingers? Everything is improved with those.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:30, archived)
# I love Roy Keane...
If I could go for a drink with any celeb it would be him...but he is a mad spud
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:33, archived)
# They spend the entire game trying to take the spheroid
then try to give it back. Very odd game.
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:36, archived)
# What happens when all of one side is dead and there are still all/some remaining players on the other?
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:45, archived)
# penalty shootout against a giant death robot
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:58, archived)
# stick it up your bollox
(, Tue 19 Mar 2013, 10:36, archived)