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[challenge entry] takin r cuntry bakc!!1!

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The irony being that the potato molesting tubgirl of knuckle dragging racial hatred has anything but British heritage.


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(, Fri 13 Oct 2017, 7:12, archived)
# alright Noel Fielding
I have no idea who Jayda Fransen is, and I don't think I particularly want to spend any time or effort finding out
(, Fri 13 Oct 2017, 7:25, archived)
# Well...
Clearly a nasty piece of work.

I always wanted to see that Griffin scum's ancestry. Bet it would shock him too....
(, Sun 15 Oct 2017, 0:27, archived)
Love the comment thread on that link. Old Roy Stockdill, he's a simmering pot of anger to enjoy as he loses it.
(, Fri 13 Oct 2017, 10:57, archived)
# Thanks
I was too tired to bother reading to the comments. I'll savour as much as I can be arsed to read today.
(, Fri 13 Oct 2017, 15:58, archived)