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(, Mon 19 Oct 2020, 10:03, archived)
# Better than his stint as a proctologist, when he cauterized someone's danglies
"These aren't the 'roids I'm looking for..."

Or when he was a rubbish veterinarian. Didn't keep pets in for observation after sterilisation.

"That's a spay stay shun..."

Or a table etiquette expert.

"Use the soup spoon, Luke..."

Or when he refused to sell Swedish vodka at his off-licence.

"Only a Sith deals in Absolut."
(, Mon 19 Oct 2020, 10:24, archived)
# hahah!
The last one is my favourite.
(, Mon 19 Oct 2020, 10:39, archived)
# hahaha
love the lightsabre replacement
(, Mon 19 Oct 2020, 17:18, archived)