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[challenge entry] r.i.p sean lock

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(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 12:02, archived)
it would be a nice tribute if they was to do this for at least for one episode or season
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 12:35, archived)
# i agree.. sure carr will do some episode, although ch4 would likely do a re-run..
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 12:37, archived)
# I really liked him on TV, then I went to see him live
and strongly disagreed with his politics.

Rest in peace.

(I've edited this post since it upset people.)
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 14:08, archived)
# Regardless of his show you watched
Have some bloody respect, he's just died and you're calling him a cunt, maybe you should look in the mirror to see an actual cunt
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 14:50, archived)
# What's the quarantine?
I mean, bursting into the funeral to make one's disapproval known to his family is a bit off; but this is rather different.
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 15:01, archived)
# I did say rest in peace.
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 16:09, archived)
# Are you sure you're remembering it right?
Strange that him being an intolerable bigot isn't mentioned anywhere else, quite the opposite in fact.
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 15:05, archived)
# a lot of his stuff was deadpan and said for comedic shock value without breaking character
i don't know, sometimes people have sides to them they don't often show. Clapton has said some goddawful stuff at times, for example. if there's no clip it's hard to judge
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 15:24, archived)
# I was not alone, and the group I was with were all puzzled by it.
We theorised that he was being edgy or transgressive, but hadn't anticipated the overwhelming cheers of his right wing fans and just abandoned whatever payoff there might have been.

..Or that was what he really thought.

Rest in peace.

(Edited to remove the word cunt.)
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 16:12, archived)
Fuck me... you must be so woke you listen to BBC Radio 4 still and enjoy it
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 14:15, archived)
# I like this
Shame the comments have gone a bit twittery!
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 16:37, archived)
# Thank-you
yeah theres usually some disagreement with someone famous..
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 16:47, archived)
I only have one person on ignore but I logged out and checked anyway and sure enough.
Try it. You cut all the tendentious and sock puppet blathering.
(, Wed 18 Aug 2021, 17:56, archived)
i tend to usually just scroll past the sandyvadge comments.
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 11:01, archived)
Yep, definitely Ctrl + W time
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 14:21, archived)
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 14:22, archived)
oh you...
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 14:26, archived)
# "Sandyvadge comments"
Yep. I'm stealing that one!
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 17:48, archived)
# *thumbs up*
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 23:41, archived)
# LG15 iz a homersexual
(, Thu 19 Aug 2021, 4:17, archived)