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[challenge entry] The way things work: Students

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(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:19, archived)
# I'm glad to see
that no polar bears or kittens were harmed in the making of that picture.
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:23, archived)
# Oh shit
I knew I'd forgotten something
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:24, archived)
# Laboured point...

No offence meant everyone, just a joke *duck*
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 18:53, archived)
# On a sunny day in 1994
I went to university. Two degrees later and I have to leave at the end of this month and I'm scared. Whats work like?
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 19:03, archived)
# I'm quite scared myself...
... I have this laughably naive hope that keeps me going that it'll be like university (as in, arsing around with 'new media' stuff), but with more money. HA!
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 19:10, archived)
# was that...
"Students don't work" as in an order for them not to work
"Student don't work" meaning they are a bunch of bone idle, lazy, good for nothing, work shy, loafing, pot smoking, beer swilling, sexually promiscuous cunts ?

on reflection I might enrol for college again
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:27, archived)
# Good point
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:39, archived)
# i like both definitions
the second one's true, and the first one tells me to keep it that way
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 17:39, archived)
# Dude....
... what's wrong with drug-induced promiscuity?

Aside from being jolly good fun, it means that some of our talented youth will remove themselves from the gene pool before they get good enough to threaten my job. ;-)
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 18:35, archived)
# Mmm...
This is all i have to say on the matter as a beer swilling student:
(, Sun 4 Aug 2002, 1:16, archived)
# Mr Pedantic might say:
Its "remember"
(, Sat 3 Aug 2002, 18:42, archived)