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[challenge entry] why o why patrick??
yeh i dont get computers, but i love the patrick moore playin the xylophone thing,but the bloody sounds broke, and its annoyin coz i like nothin more than singin and dancin along(sad i kno) but u cant sing and dance without music!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!FIX IT!(jim?)

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(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 18:45, archived)
# it's my favourite
tune at the moment...
i wake up singing it....
how sad is that?
(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 18:46, archived)
# you're not alone there...
I mean, I don't know if you are alone when you wake up, what I'm saying is I do the same. I mean sing the tune... Away... In my bed... miles away

digs deeper hole, jumps in and covers up
(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 18:57, archived)
# heh
ur as gutted as me then!!
(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 19:02, archived)
# seems to work here
u no
(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 19:13, archived)
# err
why is that a compo entry??
(, Tue 22 Oct 2002, 21:02, archived)