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# you`re awfully Bold to make such puns, you big Fairy
trying to Daz-zle us like that.. I take no Comfort in telling you this
(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 14:39, archived)
Seriously, I'd lather you didn't . . .

(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 14:40, archived)
# you cheeky Imp(erial leather)
you dirty Brut! I do not fear you, Old (Spice) man! I`ve seen your Insignia, and have learned the ancient martial art of Hai Karate, with which I shall (Hugo) Boss you around!
(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 14:44, archived)
# I'll whup your feckin' Bald ass (erini)
You'll be so messup up, it'll look like Max Facked ya!

(, Thu 24 Nov 2005, 14:50, archived)