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# but...
I'm being what's known as 'ironical' a fing wot clever people do when they make jokes
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:25, archived)
# Yeah i know
But just beware of what some people will say about it.

I personally think its quite clever!
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:27, archived)
# So stop being offended by proxy
If people are offended, fine (free country and all that). If you're not offended but are scared that if you don't act offended maybe the thought police will come and rape your hamster, bog off.
I really hate this 'oh I'm not offended myself, I'm just being offended on behalf of someone else' attitude. It's the sort of thing that ends up with things like Ba Ba Black Sheep being banned in schools.
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 20:12, archived)
# ah, but
clever people would spell "dago" correctly though

(the term comes from "diego" and was originally a slang term for Spanish sailors on English ships...)
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:29, archived)
# smart-arse!
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:30, archived)
# nah
more huge arse really :(
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:31, archived)
# ahhhhhhh
ahhh but the truly clever among us would realise that it's a subtle jab at the ignorance of racists

(I'm pretty sure I spelt Itie wrong as well... on purpose naturally)
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:36, archived)
# and eyetie
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:39, archived)
# Unless you're from across the pond
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:32, archived)
# dude!
that has to be ironic because I aint gettin' it!
(, Fri 23 Jun 2006, 18:48, archived)