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[challenge entry] but i just DID one like that ):

have a lady torso :/

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(, Thu 26 Oct 2006, 18:54, archived)
# Bloobies! o.o
Sounds creepy, but for the last 3 weeks at Hallam I've been wanting to shout "Tutt!?" to every curley-blonde haired girl I see walking around...

*grin* /stalk /prowl
(, Thu 26 Oct 2006, 18:57, archived)
# is that all you see with girls?
curly blonde hair for me? hmm...
(, Thu 26 Oct 2006, 18:57, archived)
# I must say I've never realllly studied your face enough
to recognise you in a group of people. Your hair is one of your most noticeable characteristics when browsing from distance o.O
(, Thu 26 Oct 2006, 19:00, archived)