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# I buy gifts.
I generally buy things during the year and give them at Christmas, although I don't really do friends, just the family.

I'm not a miser, I buy things for people on impulse often, I just hate the forced aspect of presents which are unwanted and pap.
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:09, archived)
# i quite agree.
i might send 2 or 3 cards, and this year i've bought everyone a bit of water pump.
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:13, archived)
# That's really cool.
I bought a friend 10 chickens for her birthday.

I know she doesn't get anything, but frankly she earns 3 times what I do. They are DINKYs and they have everything they want.
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:15, archived)
# How?
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:18, archived)
# through good gifts dot org.
i'm sure there are better ways and no doub't someone will be moaning about admin costs and all that, but so fucking what.
i don't do christmas, i've got more of everything than i need,everyone i know has plenty of everything,so a water pump it is.
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:33, archived)
# Well done you.
Don't fancy chipping in for a woodburner?

It's fucking cold in here.
(, Wed 13 Dec 2006, 21:35, archived)