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# i
don't like the blood sucking tick.....
i had one of the little buggers stuck in my
big toe once :(
(, Fri 17 Jan 2003, 21:54, archived)
# thanks
im squirming know
that comment realy made me scrunch up my feet.
i remember pulling one out of my dog.
like a plalid baked bean with teeth it was
(, Fri 17 Jan 2003, 21:56, archived)
# nasty little things...
i was camping in the lakes and it took a shine to me
made me feel wanted :)
someone had a "tick remover" they actually exist and then it was gone :)
(, Fri 17 Jan 2003, 22:00, archived)
# haha
"tick remover"
i cant belive they invented it
whatever next?
(, Fri 17 Jan 2003, 22:03, archived)
# it's a
fancy pair of tweezers that you heat up with a lighter
and it gets pissed off and crawl back out again :)
(, Fri 17 Jan 2003, 22:05, archived)