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# yo fella
I have emerged from b3ta fuelled madness to stay with my b3ta friends and drink myself into a frenzy. This message comes to you from London and MDMA. Love you! K THX HBYE
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:26, archived)
# london... and mdma... my two... favourite... things :(
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:28, archived)
# oh yes
the second of what is now 4 booze and drug fuelled weekends. London, London, Brighton and Nottingham. Where will my liver end, young sir?
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:30, archived)
# where will your liver end? is shall end up being milked of alcohol in some kind of bastard juicing machine
the alco-liver-milk shall then be sold on the blackmarket

i have been drunk once in about 10 months, i think my liver has repaired itself enough for it to be safe for me to resume my lifestyle. what do you think?
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:32, archived)
# I think you need to be at the 38 so far Brum bash on August 4th
and we shall support each other in brotherly partying.
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:34, archived)
yes yes yes - don't let me back out of it either mate, i shall be there.
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:35, archived)
# yes yes
I shall call your parents and tell them you are at mine.
(, Sun 8 Jul 2007, 1:43, archived)