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[challenge entry] b3ta = beta, so....
Here is a b3ta logo that is a beta logo:

Click it for a larger one that shows the pixels

Incidentally - not only is it a beta, but the curved bit looks like a 3, the character after the B in b3ta

edit: fuck. that was a normal post. this is an icon for the minichallenge.

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(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 20:52, archived)
# it's an esszet.
a german character representing a double s.
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 20:53, archived)
# i often wondered
why we never has it in english, it's certainly more enjoyable to write than a double s
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 20:55, archived)
# That's interesting
I got it by typing a B in the text slot and putting it in a phonetic alphabet font - sounds like a beta to me!
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 23:21, archived)
# erm...
Comme on, I'm sure you can do 'beta' than that...

heheheheh j/k :)
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 20:54, archived)
(, Sun 9 Feb 2003, 21:01, archived)