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[challenge entry] Repost, so not in a new thread
My birthday cake from last year


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(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:29, archived)
[challenge entry] And the year before
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:30, archived)
# I want this
for my 21st birthday.

3rd September, will somebody make me one?
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:31, archived)
# Does it have more cake on the inside?
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:37, archived)
# No, but is does hide chocolate and morello cherry.
And it was absolutely fucking gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I also made a Jack Skellington face for my girlfriend's birthday and a giant pink plectrum for my mate. I don't have photos of those uploaded though.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:39, archived)
# chocolate and cherry?
you certainly know how to get a girl excited, don't you?
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 0:47, archived)