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[challenge entry] Tastes like a loada jiz to I an I ,taarraass

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(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:04, archived)
# FUKCINLOLZZZOORRZZZZZ!1!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:05, archived)
# I do hope that isn't actually meant to be man milk,
as if so I'm thinking faked!

(BTW, did anyone see that 'educational GIF' of 'male ejaculation' some joker posted on Wikipedia? Man I laughed. It's been replaced with stills now and a real ejaculation vid instead)
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:09, archived)
# nah...
...but then again, not looked that sort of thing up on wiki...

(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:11, archived)
# Ooh no, only poofs would ever look at a link to an ejaculating penis
DO NOT CLICK THIS: NSFW and stupidly big (1meg+) NOT EVER!!
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:22, archived)
# hehehe,
at work, so no way I'm clicking that :D
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:27, archived)
# It's one of those silly 'heavy cummer' shots, and altho I know how it's done,
it's still pretty impressive (and it ain't a false willy if that's what you're guessing!)
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:31, archived)
# how is it done?
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:38, archived)
# Basically he's peeing while he's cumming,
the bit where he pushes his bladder is the big giveaway.

The reason it don't look like pee is you can fill the bladder with anything by using a small douche bulb in the urethra, you 'pee backwards' essentially, folks generally use egg white or yoghurt or a mixture of both.

It is a bit dangerous tho, as filling your bladder with alien substances can have very dodgy effects!
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:44, archived)
# i thought you couldn't pee when you had an ericshun
summat to do with keeping the sperm and the urine awayfromeachother as urine kills sperm.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 16:09, archived)
# I've never tried...
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 16:29, archived)
# is that link not safe for work?
i can't tell.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:31, archived)
# It's meant to be
but some things cropped up on the internets of "extreme cumshots" with laughingly false penises that shot alarmingly powerful jets of yoghurt over wimmens.
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:12, archived)
# my mate showed me one on redtube
that was like a hose being turned on
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:14, archived)
# Ahem
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:18, archived)
# wish I wasn't at work
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:19, archived)
But man, I got bored halfway thru...
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:28, archived)
# *clicks*
(, Thu 12 Jun 2008, 15:09, archived)