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[challenge entry] I was meant to get some work done but I suppose it beats doing my accounts.

EDIT: Double whammy! I can compo it too!

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(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:46, archived)
# Haha
Compo it eh?
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:47, archived)
# Yeah I realised that halfway through doing it.
It'd been sitting on the shelf in front of me all mornign and then my b3ta eyes looked at it.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:48, archived)
# Is that when you spammed back a month or so to when I posted it !
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 12:02, archived)
I'll take a lifetime supply!
Fucking geese.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:48, archived)
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:48, archived)
# Haha is there a geasproof paper as well?
Prevents you from being bound to pointless quests...
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:49, archived)
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:50, archived)
[challenge entry] Oi! I patented that! ;)

Waiting until you thought I'd gone to work then stealin' me ideas grrrrr *shakes geese!*
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:50, archived)
# Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

EDIT: I think everybody her knows that you cunningly nicked my idea with the use of a time machine.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:52, archived)
# Hey you even replied when I originally posted it
Riverghost idea thief!

EDIT: If I had a "time machine" I'd be stealing Happy Toast ideas not yours after all I do like FPs :P
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:53, archived)
# Well mines obviously better
as your crappy paper has a goose on it! How's that gooseproof?!:O
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:55, archived)
# But yours is no deterent at all those geese are just waiting
for the right time to mug you for your mobile phone and fake rolex! At Least mine actually works!
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:58, archived)
# Ha! No use trying to say your is better when it has a goose on it
mine is obviously far superior as it has kept twice your number away and it's still in the box!
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 12:04, archived)
# It's keeping nothing at bay they are just loitering!
- Geese loiter! How is this Somerfield's GeeseProof Paper deterring them? They don't look terrified - at least my goose is properly detered and unable to find footing on my superior Baco GeeseProof Paper and will deal with any number of gooseses! Plural or Singular!!!
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 12:10, archived)
# your mouths opening
but nothing coherant is coming out.
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 12:12, archived)
# Is this why prodigy69 has you on ignore ;)
actually your Geeseproof is very good - but you must have sub-lime-ally been thinking of mine! Go on admit it :P
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 12:16, archived)
# Catfight!
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:52, archived)
# good grief
very nicely done sir
(, Fri 2 Jan 2009, 11:53, archived)